Sounds to Space

Sounds to Space (Residencies and assembly concerts for up to 200 middle or high school students)


Sharing Creativity with Friends and maybe even Space Aliens!

Composing Together partners with noted professional astronomers, including Dr. Jill Tarter of SETI and the movie “Contact” fame, to consider what music might be like on other planets. Scientists have already found more than 1500 planets outside our solar system. Each one has its own possibilities for life and music. Our audiences first hear original “earthly” works by our composers, then they learn about other possible life, and finally the students collaborate with the composers to create a “grand finale” to finish the concert. Music students can be included as performers on stage for part of the show at the request of the classroom teacher.

What do you want to share about yourself with someone on another world? Can you hear fast notes on an ice planet? Would rhythm or pitch be more useful in a thin atmosphere? If you were born on Venus, what kinds of music might you make?