Focused Listening and Life Skills

Focused Listening and Life Skills (Concerts for special education and troubled teens)


  • Listen to music with focused attention.
  • Compare emotional effects of different music
  • Use breath to access a focused state of attention and relaxation
  • Feel empowered to express personal ideas through sounds
  • Listen to other people's ideas calmly and with respect
  • Recognize that creativity can be learned because it relies on abilities like curiosity, experimentation and making choices

In collaboration with Jan Elise Sells, M.Ed, MA, MFT, Composing Together has created a meaningful program that will share musical enrichment, emotional awareness and communication skills through creating music together. Starting with a performance of music created by Composing Together composers, the audience learns to use focused listening while analyzing their emotional responses to different musical sounds. They learn and practice breath awareness and finally collaborate with the composers to create a “grand finale” piece that expresses their own ideas and feelings. Each concert is performed by Composing Together Teaching Composers in conjunction with a therapist facilitator.


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