My Words, My Music

For Grades 3-8, 9-12 and ALL AGES community concerts

Perfect fit for music, English and AVID classes. Brings everyone's voice to the table and the stage by using poetry to explore big issues of self-identity, relationships with nature, our place in the world, and silly things that just make everyone feel good. Students collaborate with composers to create music that amplifies the meaning and communicative power of their words. Starts with a concert featuring Composers and a Guest Poet performing and discussing their own work, then uses step-by-step activities to compose unique, expressive poetry. Delving deeper into the poetry inspires the music to accompany it. Is "hollow" slow or fast? What mood word describes a high note to you? Final compositions can be performed by school ensemble, school ensemble with guest professionals embedded, or the CT faculty ensemble.

My Words, My Music (grades 3-8, 9-12)




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