Eric Perney




Eric’s approach to bass playing blends impeccable technique with musical thoughtfulness and profound sensitivity. His unique compositional style is the foundation for much of Gojogo’s repertoire. Eric began his musical career composing and playing in garage bands in Chicago. Formal training led to a degree in classical and jazz bass at the University of Michigan where he studied with Stuart Sankey and Rodney Whitaker. His musical vision has also been influenced by his work with Peter Kowald, Steve Reinfranck, Joelle Leandre, Steve Rush, Ed Sarath, Fred Frith, and Tom Waits. Eric is a founding member of the bands Transmission, Gojogo, and Killbossa. He has performed with the vocal ensemble Kitka, and frequently plays with San Francisco artists Katy Stephan, Lily Storm, and Dan Cantrell. In addition to Gojogo and Kitka recordings, he can be heard on Tom Waits' “Alice”, “Orphans” and the soundtracks to “Shrek 2” and “La Tigre e la Neve”.